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Udgivet d. 21. september 2003

Digte af

Christina Sørensen




An old photograph
your cold face
your treacherous steelgray eyes

Every corner of my sick mind
resound from
your insane misdeeds

Your crushing words
screaming recklessly
in my poor ears

When I look in a mirror
I always get a gleam of
your treacherous steelgray eyes


Never Loved

Cuts me like knifes
when I feel
that you despise me
bursting my eardrums
when you yell soundless
"I do not love you"
Merciless you drain me for all energy
when you reject my desperate letters
prayers about loving me
you tear my soul apart
when I get to feel
that you have always hated me
you make my green eyes black
and deserted for all life
you look the other way
like you have never known me
but I am your creation
I am what you have made me to be
a gloomy shadow of a grim past

The Last Battle

I am wounded like an animal
she would not love me
I move quietly through the day
transparent silhuoette of a humanbeing
In the darkest night she finds me
only there she can see through me
she sees what she has done
I attack her like a fierce dog
I scream into her face
She screams on the top of her lungs
when my claws rip out her black heart
I hold it in my shaking hands
I tear it apart and she stops screaming
the black fluid runs all over my hands
when I look down she has vanished
my hands are clean
she had filled my life for years
now she is gone
all I have left is nothing



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