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Udgivet d. 9. august 2004

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Alec Christensen



Battlefield Of Love

living in an empty shell of a fallen man
roaming the hills of the forgotten land
lost on the heavy battlefield of love
A fallen mans heart has been broken

wandering through life with no destination
cursed with a broken heart , with eternal frustration
upon this earth he walks alone
nowhere to go , nowhere to turn

His journey ends at the feet of Ygdrasil
where all life has begun
for life itself he kneels down on the ground
never to stand again

Beneath that tree still lies a grave
unmarked as of today
waiting for his love with a heavy heart
his beloved , that never came.

A Sad Goodbye

im on my way to heaven
to love and the pearly gates
im on my way to peace
leaving this world with a sad smile on my face

peace and tranquility is what i seek
to hear noone and everyone speak
judge me not for what i did
judge me for what i said

im on my way to another place
a haven where i can rest
i have some rebuilding to do , you see
so this is for the best

im going on this journey my friend
to give my heart the time to mend
in my mind our friendship still stays
untill you again someday will cross my way.

Leave no sadness , leave no tears
forever and ever have I fought theese fears

In This World

3 days has gone and they have made me older ...
3 days has passed since you left my world
1 million tears has made me colder
the road infront of me is long and curled
i dont know how to carry on living
when destiny has left me with only a memory fading

Lonely do i roam around
listening to the fallen mans song
nowhere in this world do i feel i belong
i feel so left alone

3 days since i held you tight
3 days since we said our goodbye
these sorrowfull feelings i have to fight
i cant keep living my life this way
in this world i stand alone
fighting the feelings of love on my own

Lonely do i roam around
listening to the fallen mans song
nowhere in this world do i feel i belong
i feel so left alone

Lonesome in the dark
Fearfull in this world
lonely and forgotten
i roam the lonely nights

Falling Tears

Dry these falling tears of mine
these tears of love and sorrow
Heal this wounded heart of mine
this heart that is filled with pain

As i lay me down too sleep
I try to smile , try not too weep
but without you by my lonely side
the emptiness just kills my pride

Since you left with a sad goodbye
Ijust sit around asking ... Why ?
filled with sorrows
the days passes by.

everytime i fall asleep
I see your face infront of me
I need my love , my life my everything
Ineed you to be complete



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