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Udgivet d. 9. maj 2004

Digte af

Lis Ann Lockhart



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Break me the news
yeah, write me a book
wrap it in silk
and feel how I look

I'll read loud your excellence
respecting your rights
as long as you'll let me
be the prize of your fights

We'll smile at the pages
make love at the print
let's urge for eachother
like bad breath for mint

In the news we're a novel
that's wasted unread
how come you won't buy it
for all that you get?

(Love there's a meaning
in all that you lose
I'm high on the bookshelf
the one you should choose!)



Hey lunacy moonlight
stars and darkness
where light are streets
don't you see me
walkin' here
amongst all time
lookin' back
bewitched to break
and fall in filth
-This is the sun on the sidewalk
it's really a streetlight
I'm a bag swirlin' 'round
but truly a lady
it's a wind takin' over
yeah blowing me off
an elegant killing
of a dreamer
-So what is light without a night
and what is love with-
out you?



You make mild suggestions
on tripping in the sky
in off-cloud ways
where sunny faces
are happyness

You take words easy
break stories on why
it's the worst of days
where all kind frases
are believing

You fake soft landings
when you're high
in a meaning to chase
a place that erases
the pains

While you're really after
as I
some trust that stays
and never changin' faces
that remains!


Hand on me

In all you deliver
your smile feels best
insightful and trusting
Boy you are a movie
directed by smarts
the heart of the kings
in all played cards
I find you in crowds
where all fun lays
I pick you besides
Beside your high head
that acts like a dick
I know there's a thunder
in every trick
you smile cuz you fool me
you're everything but
a hand to reach out for
when yes means not...



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