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Udgivet d. 12. oktober 2005

Digte af

Henriette Holm



Maybe I wouldn’t feel the silence
If I couldn’t feel the echo of my soul
Between the ruins of the past
My heart has turning cold

Maybe I wouldn’t give up now
If I couldn’t feel the knife of pain
Between dead bloods don’t run
But the pain will still remain

I know

I know the streets are empty
while I’m going home
know my steps will tell me
I have to walk alone

I know the secrets of the dark
while I’m standing here
know my heart will tell me
I don’t have to fear

I know my blood still runs
while my heart is cold
know my sense will tell me
I don’t have to hold

I know I’m losing it all
while I’m letting go
know I will regret this
I just have to so

I know I’ll wake up dead
while I close my eyes
know I can’t take you with
as I start to cry



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