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Udgivet d. 26. februar 2006

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Alec Christensen



Whenever You Need Me

Whenever times are turning bad,
Or you feel a little lost,
Just close your eyes and think of me,
And ill be there ... No matter the costs.

Whenever times are turning blue,
Or the loneliness starts creepin in,
Just turn around and call my name,
And ill be your second soul within.

Cause whenever times for me is sad,
Whenever i feel left all alone,
Its you that sends me back on track,
You that brings back the Sun.

So whenever you need me ... Just shout my name,
Open up your heart and let me in,
Then you can be sure ... that ill find the cure,
For whatever illness life might bring.


Throughout The Years

Throughout the years … i have searched high and low…
I was seeking that one true love … that could help me grow…
I climbed up many mountains … and seeked within many trails…
Trying everything and anything … i always seemed to fail…

I had it all … or so was i told…
But what i really wanted … was to have someone to hold…
My life was empty … it was incomplete…
But then i saw you … and i hoped we would meet…

Standing beside you … i looked into your eyes…
You stood apart from all other women in life...
Your gorgeous face … your beautiful voice…
Would i fall in love with you ? … i simply had no choice…

Being with you … it brightens my days…
Loving you is easy … in so many ways….
You are the light of my life … my one and true soul mate…
I once had given up hope … accepted my fate….

My life is complete now … i need nothing more…
Just a life with you … i know there is so much in store…
I will love you always … and forever this will be true…
This November baby … i give my heart to you…


” Help Me A Little ”

I try saying it in many ways,
Getting the message right is tough,
I could shout it out all night and day,
And still not feel it was enough.

I could paint it as a picture wide,
A brightness that would surely blind,
Yet … the fullest meaning would still hide,
Within the paint thats left behind.

A drum i could beat on to show,
How my heart feels when youre near,
But an earthquakes roar would be too low,
To send my message out loud and clear.

While writing down these words i find,
They need some reinforcement … soo,
To let you know that youre on my mind,
In everything i say and do.

And so I pray … and ask the Lord,
“ A little help from up above ? ”,
And hope the angels passes the word,
To let you know … you are my Love.



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