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Udgivet d. 20. april 2007

Digte af

Majken Høst



The future is a memory of the past

Life is composed on questions,
And questions demand answers.
Answers help us understand,
And understanding makes us learn.
Learning brings us further in life,
And life is who we are.
What we are we calls our identity,
And identity is based on the past.
The past is what makes our future,
And future is a memory of the past.
The past is what has brought us here,
And where we are can be confusing.
Confusion is the road towards questions,
And questions give us the answers.
The answers make us understand again,
And understanding gives us more learning.
More learning helps us forward in our life,
And our life develops our identity.
Development of our identity leaves us a past,
The past is what makes the future,
And the future is a memory of the past.
The past created this poem,
And this poem can be confusing.

The great feeling is created by you

I have not walked on the moon
Like Neil Armstrong experienced.
I have had the experience to see the moon
on a beautiful dark evening.

I have not touched a star
with my bare hands, grapping some
stardust, and flayed of to the place
without any worries. But I have

seen a star glittering on the heaven
on a late night. And I watched Peter Pan flying
of to the Island of wishes. But I don’t need such place,
because I feel home right here where I am.

I have not flayed on a shooting star,
visiting every places in the world.
But what’s the point in that when
all I need is right here where I am.

I have not sad on a sky looking down
at the small world and small people.
But on a summer day I have looked up.
and seen the big beautiful heaven. And that is enough for me.



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